Journal of Taiwan Strategy and Performance Management Association Paper Proposal Submission Guidelines

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  1. This journal invites practical management talents and academic experts and scholars to discuss related issues in the field of strategic management and performance management of firms from the practical and academic levels, and this journal encourages papers that combine theory and practice in order to achieve academic and practical exchanges.
  • The topics of this journal are divided into strategic management, human resource management, financial management, information management, production management, marketing management, performance management and other topics. All academic papers related to business management topics that have not been published in other journals are the objects of publication in this journal.
  • The journal is open for submissions throughout the year and is published in June and December every year.
  • Candidates: Teachers, researchers, and graduate students at colleges and universities in industry and academia.
  1. Principles of Writing: (Submissions that do not comply with the regulations will not be reviewed)
  • Submissions in English are accepted, please type horizontally on the computer, and submit in word file form. Content must be accompanied by an English abstract and a maximum of 5 key words. Submitted papers must be typed horizontally from left to right, with a word level of 12pt and a single line spacing. Both table and figure captions are typed in capital letters; Table titles are placed above the table, and file titles are placed below the file.
  • Manuscripts should be written in the following order: English titles, English abstracts and English keywords, this article, references and appendices.
  • Articles submitted should not exceed 25 pages (including titles, abstracts, keywords, charts, references and appendices, etc.).
  • Notes and references to the manuscript should be written in the format of the seventh edition of the APA, references must be listed by the citation in this article, and more than one citation in the same paragraph should be arranged in alphabetical order of last name.
  • If the paper is co-authored, please arrange the co-author order according to the proportion of contributions.
  1. The journal implements an anonymous censorship system, please do not appear in the submission of the author’s name or any information sufficient to identify the author’s identity. After review and approval, the journal has the right to modify the format and typesetting, maintain a certain editorial level, and decide the order of publication according to the theme of each issue. Whether you accept it or not, you will not return the manuscript, please leave your own manuscript.
  2. Contributors are requested to sign a “Copyright Statement and Consent Form” and agree to exclusively authorize the publication of the manuscripts to be published on the website to which the Journal belongs, or to sub-authorize others to extract all or part of their contents in the e-book, website or database.
  3. In order to maintain academic professionalism, this journal only accepts manuscripts that have not yet been published, please do not submit more than one manuscript or infringe the copyright of others, if there is a violation, the journal will no longer accept the author’s submission within two years.
  4. If you have any questions, please visit the Taiwan Strategy and Performance Management Forum website ( or write to
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